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Captain Comic Captain Comic

Classic sidescroller

Commander Keen Commander Keen

The pinnacle side-scrolling game starring kid hero, Billy Blaze.

2 full episodes, 1 demo, and 1 fan mod.

Commander Keen Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

Side-scroller reminiscent of Commander Keen.

Doom Doom

Iconic first-person shooter based on Wolfenstein.

Demo version.

Duke Nukem Duke Nukem

The earliest episodes featuring the cocky, self-important bad-guy killer.

2 full episodes and 1 demo.

Hexen Icon Hexen

Fantasy genre 1st person combat game.

Indiana Jones Page Indiana Jones

Adventure role-playing game.

Lemmings Lemmings

Unique and memorable puzzle game.

Liero Icon Liero

Real time 2d duke it out game.

Raptor Raptor

Vertical-scrolling fighter jet game.

Demo includes 3 out of 9 waves.

Word Rescue Icon Rescue Educational Games

Educational games for math and reading. Creepy characters included.

Scorched Earth Scorched Earth

Original turnbased artillary game.

Sim City Sim City

City building simulation strategy game.

Demo only.

Wolfenstein Icon Wolfenstein 3D

Early first-person shooter.

Portal 2 Portal 2