“Rescue” Educational Games

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“Rescue” Educational Games

These are a couple of brilliant educational games for the early grade school years. They’re actually built off of the engine designed for the original Duke Nukem game. If you’ve got kids, or need to do some really sad review for GRE or something, I highly recommend them.

Math Rescue

Here’s how the meeting went:
“Johnson! Did you come up with a villain design for that math game yet?”
“Uhhh, yes…” *looks around the room for inspiration* “Howabout a… nose with… arms and uh… CRAZY EYES!”
“Hah! Why not? Kids’ll buy anything, dumb kids.”


Download Math Rescue – Windows Installer

Download Math Rescue – Raw files (Mac/Linux/advanced users)

Word Rescue

Run and jump and match words with pictures to have fun while learning to read. The game designers strove to focus on words likely to come up most often in the childrens’ day to day lives… or something.

Word Rescue Screenshot

Download Word Rescue – Windows Installer

Download Word Rescue – Raw files (Mac/Linux/advanced users)