Emulators, History and Best DOS Games

MS-DOS is one of the oldest operating systems that introduced us to the world of the computer. In these days, MS-DOS used to look like the most complicated system. Today is the age of more efficient and compact operating systems like Android etc. And we call DOS as obsolete. But could we really erase the memories of DOS so easily? DOS first introduced us to the pc games, and still today the top dos games are ruling our hearts. This blog is aimed to pay a tribute to the top dos games that made our path so distinct.


Evolution of DOS Games through History

The first top dos game can be dated back for the first time in 1979, which came in the name of Microsoft Adventure. This game could only be played in the IBM PC. The developer of this epic game was Gordon Letwin and the game was based on the storyline of Colossal Cave. However this game was not entirely running on DOS, instead, the floppy that you booted in the computer worked as a booter and played the game on the pc. The first commercial DOS game can be called the IBM’s Arithmetic Games Set 1 which came out in 1981.



Emulators for DOS Games to run on Modern PC

An emulator is a software, installing which can turn your regular pc into a gaming console in which you can play the top dos games online. Here is a review of the best emulators which can turn your online gaming experience heavenly.

  1. RetroArch: An emulator that can play almost all kinds of games. through this PlayStation 1 can be played in a home console.

  2. OpenEmu: If you want an experience similar to mac, then this is the emulator you have been looking for.


They are Good, Fun and Free

The online top dos games are the best things in the gaming industry. They are great games that can be played online, and they are all free when you are playing them through the online casinos.

  1. Day of the Tentacles: Remember the three teenagers who had to solve problems and puzzles in order to save the world from the grasp of the ugly purple tentacle of an alien.

  2. Command and Conquer: Red alert: this bizarre game that came in 1993 was based hypothetically on how Albert Einstein goes to Germany during the nazi rule and changes the history by avoiding the world war 2.





Best RPG Games (DOS games)


This section tells you about the best rpg games that can be played in MS-DOS

1. Ultima underworld: It is probably one of the first rpg games that engaged the players in first person combats and it gave the players ample liberty to move up and down and look anywhere they wanted to look at.


Best Strategy Games (DOS games)


You must be thinking that how come strategy games paved its way during the age of dos? But the truth is that the strategy games were still there in vogue in those days.

1. Burntime: It is one such strategy games that use a single player in real-time mode. The player is in control a character in the game who is stuck in an apocalyptic world and has to save him from the hurdles and obstacles and escape alive.




Top DOS Games from other Genres

There are many other genres of the online top dos games:

  1. Simcity: This game came in 1989 and the gameplay has no specific goals and strategies. The player has to build a city for entertainment and he can include or exclude anything that he wants to have in the place.

  2. Scorched earth: Another superhit dos game that came in 1991, this has a historical background. This game was the favorite in the parties in those days and can be participated by 10 players at a time. On the demise of a close friend in the game, the other can take over.



The Graphic Is Not Important When Games Are Fun

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