DOSome Games: Donate to your favorite DOS games made playable on Windows

I understand that we all like our free stuff to really be free. That being said, the harder it is to support this site financially, the harder it will be to keep it going.

If you have enjoyed having DOS games at your fingertips, feel free to send a small donation. Really, small is fine. We’re talking, “Don’t get fries with that and shoot us the savings” small.

Thank you in advance for helping maintain the existence of something fun.


My advertising philosophy:

The ads you see on the right are the only ones anywhere on the site. This site has avoided popups, annoying side ads that feature pictures of nasty yellow teeth or cellulite bellies, and ads that you have to click through to get to your download. Those ads make more money but they’re annoying and that’s not what I wanted in this site. There is absolutely no spyware or adware, just good clean downloads.

If you appreciate that, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to support good practice with a small donation.