Portal 2


DOSome Games: Portal 2

“What’s that?” You say, “Portal isn’t a DOS game, and you can’t POSSIBLY have the rights to distribute it here for free.” Well you’re right. I’m not distributing it. I’ve made some new test chambers as part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative and when nobody played them, I got greedy for attention. So, I’ve indulgently linked to them here so that you all can see and go play.

Of course, you need to already own Portal 2 for these to work. If you don’t alreay own it, get it. Now. I highly recommend getting a free Steam account and buying the http://store.steampowered.com/app/620/ . If you’re worried you might not like it, you can play the first few levels for free with Portal First Slice. I think it wins as my favorite game of all time.


Captain Redbeard’s Home Grown Test Chambers